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Grow your global audience with award-winning AI voices that sound just like real speech.

AI voices perfected by real translators

Our voices have cutting-edge emotion & expressivity to give your audience the quality they're used to.

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"Papercup’s advanced AI tools give us an exciting new way to reach global audiences."

Travis Winkler

General Manager, Video and Audio

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End-to-end management from a team of experts

Say goodbye to DIY, our managed service lets you meet the demands of global audiences with no hassle.

A fast and cost-effective way to increase revenue

It’s 4x faster and up to 80% less expensive to dub your videos with AI compared to traditional dubbing methods.

2M views on dubbed content in last 3 months

+700k subscribers for Spanish Insider

"The increase in views, watch time, and subscribers since we’ve been working with Papercup to automate dubbing our content has been astounding."

Tony Manfred

Head of Video


We created the first AI to transfer emotion across languages

English into AI Spanish.