Everything you need to supercharge your channel with MLA

Papercup is on a mission to make the world's videos watchable in any language. As of 2023, 350 million people watched Papercup's dubbed content. 

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"With MLA, creators can access a global audience without having to create new channels, which means more work, more admin and more headaches. It also lets creators expand the potential audience pool by many multiples - depending on the original language of the post”
Jim Louderback - Ex-CEO of VidCon

In this report you'll learn:

 YouTube MLA best practices

✔︎ How MLA performs for Papercup customers

What's YouTube's multi audio feature?

YouTube introduced a new feature that allows channels to upload dubbed voice tracks to any of your videos.

This unlocks millions of potential viewers that prefer watching content in their own language!

Viewers default to a language track (e.g. your Spanish dub) if their profile setting is set to that particular language (e.g. Spanish).

 What is YouTube's MLA?

 How do recommendations and analysis work?

Multi-language audio on

Reach 1 million views 5x faster with MLA than on dedicated language channels 

15% watch time

comes from views in the video's non-primary language.

3,500 video

multi-language videos uploaded

40+ languages

supported by the feature  

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